Popilush Jumpsuit

How to Choose the Right Popilush Jumpsuit for Your Body Type

You can create an attractive, well-defined silhouette with a body shaping jumpsuit. It is possible to create a modern look if you know your body style well. Thus, a jumpsuit becomes a versatile piece ideal for many occasions.

Popilush Jumpsuit is made with quality and comfort to embrace the greatest number of women. So, there are many models that could look perfect on you.

Popilush Jumpsuit

1- Rectangle Body

A woman with a rectangular body generally has shoulders and hips of the same width. So, you’ll need a piece that creates the illusion of curves. A jumpsuit with a gathered waist or a deep V-neckline are ideal, as they make your silhouette look more elongated. The lace detail in the bust area represents a delicate woman.

The wide leg shape is a trend that never goes out of style, it makes you more beautiful and if combined with a transparent or skin colored heel shoe it makes you even more slender and elongated. The adjustable straps provide greater flexibility for you to shape the clothes the way you want. You gain more personal power through the integrated shapewear in the waist area that controls your tummy to the right extent.

2- Hourglass Body

The hourglass body is considered the most desired body type among women. It encompasses a shape where shoulders and hips are proportionally wide. You can wear a jumpsuit with a cinched waist to highlight your curves. The twisted effect of the chest is interesting, as it makes you look thinner naturally.

Furthermore, the integrated modeling mesh removes any visual imperfections in the belly area so you can develop more self-confidence. The buttocks take on a beautiful T-shape, without markings and with the delicacy of a thong in modal fabric.

3-  Inverted Triangle Body

A woman with an inverted triangle body has shoulders that are wider than her hips. To balance your shape, you can shape the top with a bodysuit shapewear and include wider pieces at the bottom like wide-leg pants or a pleated skirt.

Thus, the lightness of the lower part removes obvious glances from the shoulder area. U or V shaped necklines are also recommended, as they help to better center your breasts. Another interesting feature here is the built-in transparent elastic that gives you greater support for the bust area. The highly elastic fabric is comfortable, perfect for creating stylish looks.

4- Oval Body

The oval body can give an appearance where the waist is poorly defined and the belly protrudes. So choose pieces that can enhance this region by reducing volume. A bodysuit with stretchy modal fabric is comfortable. The print that imitates synthetic leather can give you a more structured shape.

This is where you can build your dream body effortlessly, as you can enjoy a more defined curved appearance through the built-in mesh modeling in the abdominal region. The steel ring gives you a V-shaped neckline with precision, this helps to shape a sexier, more powerful appearance which also makes your waist slimmer. Your self-confidence becomes armored, allowing you to enjoy the best moments of your life and develop true love for your body.

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